What are the precautions for buying sintered stone furniture?

Release Time : 2023-04-08  View Count : 560

Sintered Stone slabs were imported into China since 2017. Although the firing technology of domestic sintered stone has matured, in terms of hardness and quality, imported sintered stone slabs are still superior to domestic sintered stone slabs. And in terms of price, a sintered stone slab dining table above 5000, like my friend's fancy, should use imported sintered stone slabs. The domestic slate dining table, low price, may even cost less than 2,000. So when you are buying one, you should learn to distinguish imported sintered stone furniture, including the slate and ceramic slabs that are often used to impersonate it.

1. Use a knife to test the hardness of the sintered stone. Most imported sintered stone have a hardness of 7 (ceramic knives may not be able to scratch), while the domestic ones are about 6 and the fake ceramic plates are only 3-5 (easy Scratched by stainless steel knives).

2. The surface of the imported sintered stone slab has prominent uneven texture, which feels like a rock by hand, but the hand feel is not rough at all but more delicate. The surface of domestic sintered stone is relatively smooth and has obvious reflection.

3. Comparing the water absorption rate, the sintered stone must be lower than 0.5%, while the fake ones are generally higher than 0.5%.

4. Imported sintered stone can be as thin as 3mm, while domestic sintered stone can be as thin as 5.5mm.

5. The common thickness of slate dining table is 12mm, and the other 9, 10 or 13mm are likely to be ceramic.

To sum up, there are many advantages of sintered stone slabs, and the quality is generally better than that of ceramics, marble and quartz stone, but it also has disadvantages that are more expensive, especially imported sintered stone furniture. If you want to pursue a quality and healthy life and have enough budget, then I suggest you try to buy sintered stone furniture, but you have to figure out some precautions in advance, so as not to spend a lot of money but buy fakes.