Sintered StoneTables: Redefining Durability, Functionality & Style

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With the elegance of marble at the fraction of its price and upkeep, sintered tables have proven their longevity both in the style and durability departments. But what exactly is a sintered table, or rather, what is sintered stone? Sintered stone is essentially the next generation of quartz. Much like quartz, sintered stone is made of natural minerals as well, but the improved man-made production process turned sintered stone into a tabletop material that is resistant to water, heat, stains, scratches, chemicals and impact. Unlike plastic-based materials, sintered stone is made without chemicals or sealants, thus it doesn’t emit toxic fumes into the environment when exposed to fire and is also fully recyclable, thus making it an eco-friendlier alternative for furniture.

Sintered Stone Tops Have Impeccable Durability

Sintered Stone Tops Have Impeccable Durability

sintered stone have many advantage in table top

Sintered stone dining tables may have the elegance of marble, but its toughness is certainly far from that of the more delicate rock material. Unlike granite, quartz and marble, sintered stone dining tables require less maintenance which makes them wonderful options for restaurants in particular. Families with children may also appreciate a sintered tabletop’s scratch-resistant and stain-proof properties, especially when your little ones have minor food accidents and spillages at the table. Sintered stone tabletops and countertops are easy to clean and resistant to chemicals and high temperatures as well, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally using a slightly harsher cleaning agent on them.

Whether you’re looking for a durable tabletop that will withstand some rough-housing from children and pets, or simply looking for furniture that’s just tough enough to handle your myriad of guests or customers in general, sintered stone is a good investment that will last longer while still looking absolutely stunning wherever it is used. If you’re unsure on what to pair your sintered dining table with, we recommend using dining benches as their combined simplicity, clean lines and natural elegance will lend the space a sophisticated vibe to any establishment. However, if you’re not so keen on benches or simply don’t like to share seats with someone else, don’t fret. You can still make it work by finding a set of dining chairs in a similar style that will match or highlight its beauty.