Will you choose SIINTERED STONE for your home decoration?

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SINTERED STONE can be said to be the top new material in the home furnishing circle.SINTERED STONE have many benefits.

1.It's hard

2.Very high stability


4.Will not change color

Able to meet the various needs of daily home.

Will you choose SINTERED STONE for your home decoration?

But at the same time,there are many large ceramic slabs in the market .included in the SINTERED STONE, trying to get mixed up.

Learn the characteristics of these slabs,,everyone is a "sintered stone slab appraiser".

1.Pure whiteness

The body of ordinary tiles is light grayish white.And because of the different raw materials and production process.

Cleaner removal of impurities.Whiteness reaches 65°-70°.


The ceramic slab is composed of base + base glaze + top glaze/protective glaze.The composition of the sintered stone is only the base + transparent glaze.The sintered stone without the underglaze layer is transparent as a whole.

Better light transmission.The body does not have the white lines of ordinary tiles.Even processing processes such as cutting and chamfering.The surface and the bottom of the blank are still the same.

Have good processing aesthetics.


The SINTERED STONE is forged with full-body technology superior to traditional slabs in toughness.

And add full-body technical materials.Surface treatment technology is very fine and complex.Especially the restoration of stone texture is very realistic.


The SINTERED STONE is in the normal state of non-heating. 3.5mm rock slab can be bent 20°.

If you use hot bending technology,the curvature of the sintered stone can be higher.


Compared to ceramic tiles,the sintered stone can be drilled, polished, and cut suitable for various shapes.

Although the shape of the big slab is similar to the sintered stone ,but the characteristics are not as strong as sintered stone .

Deep processing often causes chipping, cracking, etc.