10 reasons why we recommend aninz sintered stone dining table for you

Release Time : 2023-04-11  View Count : 198

Reasons for choosing aninz sintered stone dining table  from China.

1. Multiple colors, sizes, thicknesses and finishes

Due to the technical and aesthetic characteristics of the sintered stone materials, the wide range of products makes the matching and use of sintered stone slabs more extensive.ANINZ have developed a series of sintered stone dining tables for everyone to choose.

2. Acid resistance

The most common acids are vinegar, lemon juice, cola (orthophosphoric acid) and hydrochloric acid. These acids will corrode the calcium in the marble, but will not leave marks on the surface of the aninz slab, but you still need to take care to avoid contact between the slab and strong acid.

3. Strong resistance

Compared with common natural materials, aninz slabs are more resistant to wear.

4. Non-flammable

In the event of a fire or exposure to flames, aninz slate will not burn, nor will it produce gas or toxic and harmful smoke.

5. Easy to clean

Organic substances and bacteria that cause allergies and diseases are not easy to accumulate on the slate, and you can also use strong detergents and disinfectants.

6. Easy to use

This product is suitable for natural stone processing (cutting, drilling, etc.), allowing you to customize it according to your preferences.

We provide customized services, you just need to provide pictures and dimensions.

7. Heat resistance

ANINZ sintered stone slabs are made by alternating heat and cold at 1300°~1500°. They are extremely resistant to high temperatures. Unlike wooden laminated plastics or resin-containing agglomerates, they can be damaged by heat.

8. Anti-fouling

The surface gloss is equivalent to 98% of the mirror surface, which makes it difficult for the stains in life to adhere to the surface. It can be cleaned with water. You can even use strong detergents and solvents without damaging the material.

9. Stable color

The color is stable and will not change when exposed to sunlight, weathering or smoke.

10. Environmental protection

It does not contain waterproof chemicals, resins, and will not release any gas even when exposed to flames. Unlike some types of natural stone, it does not release radon or other radioactive gases, nor does it use lead for polishing. It is non-toxic and harmless and completely environmentally friendly.